Do you see a place of interest below? You can live there!

IM Trouble Ahead to make a reservation or use contact page on this website. Free houses: click the signs near the doors for information: rentals: there is a rental box at your house. At landing point there is a gate to the rental service desk. 

Port of Morgan : warehouses, 3 floors , free. Free furniture included. Pub, bank and coffee terrace. 500 prims

Port Hope: different farm houses: free. Free mesh avatars store and clothes shop, theatre and market. 500 prims

Large house with own docks, 300 KC a month, 500 prims. Connected to the town centre of Port Hope

West side land : 300 KC/month: 500 prims 

West side land :grain mill house , rented out

West side land: farm with greenhouse: 300KC/ month 500 prims

Watermill house, rented out

Lighthouse island: 600 KC a month 1000 prims, your own island with docks. Picknick table and private back garden. 

House with a lake: rented out

Blue cottage island : Rented out 

Full island: 600 KC a month 1000 prims. Picknick area.

Bombard s house: full island 600 KC / month :1000 prims. Large house with a dark touch, dungeon.  Great view. 

Castle Mansion Intemporel: 1200 KC/ month 2000 prims. Great views, own docks. Park for walking. 

Gipsy camp. Two vardo's , very natural environment. Lovely furnished. 300 KC, 500 prims

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